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ELDA Platforms - Sequencing

- Next-Generation/Second-generation Library Preparation and Sequencing
               -Whole Genome Sequencing
               -16S rRNA metagenomic sequencing
               -small RNA sequencing
               -target-enriched (e.g. exome/clinical exome/custom)
               -Amplicon Sequencing
               -CRISPR confirmation/validation/detection of off-target effects
               -isothermal nucleic acid amplification and fluorescence analysis
- Nanopore Sequencing
 - All species

ELDA Platforms - Others

- Automated DNA/RNA extraction
- Nucleic Acid QC analysis

- Microarray Analysis
               -Gene Expression Analysis
               -CNV analysis
- Targeted NGS panels utilising HTG Molecular assays
- QPCR assays
- Genotyping
- Project Design
- Data analysis
- On-site Consultancy

We've built up a wide breadth of experience over the years providing flexible and dynamic solutions for our customers. Follow-up and post project consultation are an important part of our business and service.
At our core we are customer focused.
Some examples of recent projects include:

De Novo Transcriptome Sequencing and Assembly

RNA extraction from bacterial cell pellets
Sample QC
RNA-seq Library Preparation
RNA-seq Library sequencing
De Novo Transcriptome assembly and annotation

16S rRNA Sequencing

DNA extraction from faecal/caecal stool samples
Sample QC
16S rRNA Sequencing Library Generation
16S Mulitplexed Amplicon sequencing
16S Amplicon Identification

On-site NGS Consultancy Service

Specific for Pharma/Hospitals/Academia
NGS lab set-up; new build or re-purposing
Site sample flow-through, intake through to storage
Equipment requirements
Staff training, re-training and selection of qualified candidates

ELDA Education


To provide a thorough theoretical, analytical and practical understanding of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

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DNA /RNA isolation techniques
Assessment of quality & quantity of nucleic acids
NGS library preparation methodologies
Comparison of NGS technologies
Sequencing output files and QC analysis tools
Bioinformatic analysis tools
Future sequencing technologies
Expert guest speakers


Automated and manual DNA extraction
Quality control & dealing with difficult samples
NGS library preparation
Troubleshooting library preparation workflows
NGS instrument & reaction setup
Sequence data analysis
Commercial NGS products on the market

2 Day Practical & Theory NGS Course.

The perfect introductory course to get a full understanding of the theory and practical side of sequencing technologies and applications
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Bespoke in-house Courses.

Talk to us about designing a course specific to your company/facility or lab requirements. We can tailor the course content to suit
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